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Warranty, care and use terms

By making a purchase of jewelry, you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. Before using the product, you must carefully read the instructions for use of the product.
All jewelry has been supervised by the Latvian Assay Office, precious metal products have4 been stamped with probation seals and guarantee marks specified by the Republic of Latvia have been stamped. Quality certificates issued for precious stones.
It is important to us that every buyer is satisfied with their purchase, and that the jewelry purchased is a pleasure that will lasts as long as possible and retains its original appearance. Therefore, in order to preserve the original appearance of jewelry for as long as possible, in order to protect it from mechanical and chemical damage, it is necessary to strictly comply with the requirements mentioned in these regulations, as well as well-known requirements for the use of jewelry.
If you follow the terms below, and you still have complaints about the quality of the product, we invite you to go to our store "Vitali Kristāli" on Aspazijas bulvāris 24, Riga, together with the product, warranty card and proof of payment for the product.

1. A warranty period of 2 (two) years is set for jewelry and it takes effect from the moment of purchase.
2. If a manufacturing defect is found, the warranty repair is free of charge.
3. Warranty repairs are performed within one month (it depends on the degree of repair complexity). If it is necessary to replace the gemstone (for example, if it is lost due to insufficient tightness), the repair period is extended (depending on the time required to receive the gemstone from the manufacturer).
4. If the product cannot be repaired, we will exchange it for an equivalent one, or we will refund you. SIA "Vitāli Kristāli" reserves the right to independently assess the possibility of repairs, product replacement or refund.
5. Please note that the warranty is valid only if the terms of use and care of jewelry are observed and if the buyer presents a document confirming the purchase of the product (cash receipt, online bank printout or bill of lading).
6. In case of each application, an expert examination is performed to determine compliance with the warranty repair conditions - manufacturing defect or the result of incorrect use.
7. Please note that the warranty is not valid and free warranty repair is not possible if:
the defects have arisen as a result of careless handling or misuse;
defects caused by improper cleaning and / or storage;
it has been established that you have tried to repair these products yourself;
the weight, size or composition of the product was changed.

1. Jewelry must be removed before:
the use of any detergents, especially those containing alkalis, acids, chlorine, iodine;
household chores;
any medical procedures, incl. physiotherapeutic procedures and massages;
visits to the solarium, sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool and beach;
going to bed, exercising or active recreation;
using cosmetics;
using of all kinds of lotions, perfumes, aromatic oils and other skin care products, especially those containing alkalis, acids, chlorine, iodine, mercury, etc.
2. When wearing jewelry, it is prohibited:
to use jewelry for other purposes (opening the bottle cap with a ring, putting keys in a chain, etc.);
to clean jewelry with abrasive cleaners (paste, baking soda, chalk, toothpaste, etc.) and with aggressive alkaline and acidic products;
to wear jewelry close to each other;
to hang the pendant on a chain or bracelet before consulting the seller (the pendant should be significantly lighter than the chain or bracelet)
to allow jewelry to come into contact with solid items of clothing (buttons, hooks, cufflinks), accessories (watches, bags);
to allow jewelry to come into contact with sharp, coarse, hard objects (table, door, wall, handle, etc.);
to allow the effects of rapidly changing temperatures on jewelry (especially articles with precious stones);
to allow patterned (lace-type) jewelry to touch knitted clothing;
to keep jewelry in your wallet or pocket.
3. Other provisions to be complied with:
Jewelry must be used for its direct purpose;
Different types of products, including stones, separate care rules;
Rhodium-plated and gold-plated jewelry is subject to natural wear and tear, which is not considered a defect;
Silver always oxidizes and over time a black precipitate appears on it, which is not considered a defect, this process is observed in all people, only the rate of oxidation differs, which is related to the characteristics of each person;
Many natural stones (ruby, topaz, garnet, turquoise, etc.) change their color when exposed to light, so jewelry should be stored in special boxes with several compartments.
Each piece of jewelry should be stored in a separate compartment or bag to avoid scratches;
After removing the jewelry, wipe it with a soft suede or flannel cloth;
To clean and wash jewelry it is necessary with special means or special wipes for cleaning (according to the attached instructions), be sure to dry and wipe with a soft, dry cloth;
Gold and silver jewelry with natural stones, especially with pearls, corals, mother of pearl can be cleaned only at the jeweler, cleaning at home can cause permanent damage to the product. Products with pearls must be protected from hair spray and fragrance;
Avoid mechanical damage to the stone with a basket attachment (paw-type) - by catching or unfolding cramps, as a result of which the stone may fall out.

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